J.Bridge is a uniquely positioned boutique with a dedicated focus on fundraising advisory and placement services for alternative assets in Japan.

Headquartered in Tokyo, J.Bridge is a uniquely positioned boutique focused solely on private capital advisory for alternative investment managers. We provide both corporate finance project management and fundraising services to outstanding established and emerging managers globally.

Through our rigorous due diligence process, J.Bridge aims to undertake only a small number of high conviction mandates annually. We single out high quality private equity partnerships, ensuring our General Partners are strategically prepared and positioned to efficiently and successfully achieve their fundraising goals. We look for integrity and visionary managers. We are most proud of our relentless drive and passion to support our clients succeed.


Kay Sano
Natasha Tosirisuk
Jim Nagae
Reina Tanizaki
Taku Sameshima

Our approach

Raising capital can be challenging. Over the past decade we have developed an approach that we believe optimises the chances of a successful fundraise.

At heart lies three core principles.

Optimise Quality
of Communications

Maximise efficiency
for clients

Enhance reputations
and relationships

Our selectivity and entrepreneurial approach make us unique

Selective conviction based assignments

Focus and dedication of our specialist team is key to the efficiency and success we provide our clients. Through our rigorous due diligence process, we prepare our clients to meet and present their story and the opportunity to sophisticated investors globally.

Entrepreneurial approach

We believe in incentivising the team to identify the best opportunities and back the best managers. J.Bridge fosters a strong team spirit that ensures everyone is incentivisied and laser focused on the success of the client.

Our process

Bespoke strategy

J.Bridge is able to tailor each mandate to fit the needs of our client and their goals. We have an alliance approach with the best local alliance partners worldwide. This helps us access each market through our local partners that have the strongest relationships and access to the institutional investment community in that region

Corporate Finance Project Management (CFPM)

In partnership with the Manager, our Research & Analytics team develop comprehensive fund documents that effectively articulate the Fund strategy




Due Diligence Materials

Local Pre-Marketing (LPM)

Each market is unique and we believe in having the best local teams on the ground to ensure demand and appetite for the fund strategy

Strategic Pre-Marketing Plan based on local expertise

Pre-Qualify High-Potential Investors in each market


Strategically focused and systematic process ensures active dialogue and momentum in the fundraising process from launch through to final close

Prioritise markets and investor interest

Identity the demand and resources of the investor

Respond to requests to minimalise resource contraints

Keep up the momentum to closing

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